Poker Texas Holdem – Best Practice To Dominate The Game

Poker Texas Hold’em is the poker variant being the most played and most famous player. This discipline of poker is played between two and ten players. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive description of the rules of Poker Texas Hold’em.


In general, in casinos or other specialized rooms, one who distributes the cards is a dealer. Privately, sometimes it is the players themselves who give the cards. In this case, the players at the table in turn distribute. To indicate who the originator of the coup is dummy is placed before him a token, also called “button” (the “Dealer Button”). It flows from player to player clockwise and counterclockwise continuously indicates the position of the donor.


The blinds are bets placed on players before the early maps. These are the two players sitting directly left of the dealer who must put their blinds called respectively: small blind (small blind) and big blind (“big blind”). They will be the last to speak in the first round of betting. Their amount is increased gradually as and parts. Generally, the big blind is twice the small blind.

First betting round

In general, each round is given followed by a betting round. Like a game of Texas Hold’em consists of up to four rounds of deals, it also has four betting rounds. The first betting round (“Round of Betting”) takes place immediately after the round of the deal.

The flop

After the first round of betting, the dealer burns (“burning”) the first card of the deck, that is to say, that laying on the table face down without showing it to anyone. This is to avoid cheating: it is never the first card of the packet that is given during a given round, but still the second and subsequent years. The dealer turns over the next three cards side by side. They constitute what is called the flop, that is to say, the first three board cards. The betting round can then start and each player will have at its disposal the betting options we talked about earlier: call, raise or fold.

Second betting round

This tour gives the floor to the first player to the left of the dealer. In addition to call or raise, the players this time the possibility to check, that is to say, do not bet and I turn to the next player. Once a player opens (“bet” to “bet”), players can call by betting the same amount, raise or fold in turn. At this time, players will “check” will also match, raise or fold. At the end of time, all players have bet the same amount, except those who have not had enough chips. In this configuration, the main pot will be created starting with the shortest stack, and pots called secondary will be created for any sum greater than the first belt. Several side pots can then be created based on the importance of carpet incurred.

The Turn, the third round of betting

During distribution, the first card of the deck is burned, and the one after returned after the flop. That is what is called the turn (“Fourth Street”). The fourth card and unveiled the third round of betting begins. At this point in the game, players still in contention have six cards to form their combination.

River, the fourth round of betting

After closing the third round of betting, the next card is burned, and the one after returned after the turn. That is what is called the River (“Fifth Street”). The flop, turn, and river form the array of five community cards to all players. Once River unveiled the final betting round starts and players now have seven cards to form their combinations.


Slaughter (“Show-Down”), comes at the end of the fourth round. This is the last step of a party. The remaining players shoot their cards to compare them and determine the winner of the shot. If two players have the same hand, the next card of the hand (the “Kicker”) the tiebreaker. If there is no kicker (if the players have the same private hands or exactly the same combination of five cards), the pot is split (“split”).